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premature ejaculationDid you know that the way you masturbate can either make you last longer or shorter in bed? One of the main causes of premature ejaculation among men is their own incorrect patterns of behavior during masturbation. I know a lot of men like to blame their genes and other unrelated things as a reason for their premature ejaculation. However the sad truth is that in most cases they themselves did it to themselves by unconsciously doing things that do not help sexual stamina. And one of the main examples of this that almost every man overlooks is masturbation. Do you remember how you would masturbate when you just started?

If you're like most men then when you were younger you probably didn't have all the freedom in the world to masturbate. You never know when your mom is going to come in your room and ask you if you did the dishes or how your grades are at school.

Whatever your specific situation was, almost every man growing up can relate to the fact of not feeling like there was necessarily all the privacy available to them when they wanted it. This is why if you had a sudden sexual desire you had only couple things you could do.

1. Masturbate slowly and take you time, but risk being walked in on with you penis out.
2. You can try to ejaculate quickly and keep your masturbation extremely short.

From all my communications with men in teaching them how to last long in bed, my understanding is that most opt for option number 2. Because no one wants to get caught masturbating. At that age this is the best option. When teenagers grow into men they usually do not stop trying to ejaculate as soon as possible during masturbation. Habits are not so easy to break, especially if you have done something the same way for many years.

But there's one big problem here... When you masturbate you condition yourself for how long you last in bed. I really want you understand what I have just said. Masturbating gives you a great opportunity to learn your body better and condition it to prolong ejaculation. When you masturbate you are literally training your body for how long you expect it to last during sex.

Most men masturbate for only a few minutes, but when it comes to sex want it to last for over 30 minutes... You cannot break strong conditioning so easily. If you want to know how to last long in bed then you've got to realize this fact about masturbation and make the change to the way you do it. It is really easy to slowly change your masturbation habits.

I hope the information provided here will be useful for you to understand how to prevent premature ejaculation.



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